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I cooperate with qualified native speaker colleagues in producing English and French language translations.

If you need translations in other foreign languages, I can gladly help you by recommending other experienced and qualified translators from the German Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators (BDÜ) (

Fields of Expertise
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Medicine
  • Medical Cosmetics
  • Chemistry
  • Food Chemistry
  • Marketing
  • Information Technology
  • Business
  • Law
  • Certificates and Official Documents
  • Viticulture
  • Other fields of expertise upon request
Certified Translations

Certified Translations

(designated as confirmed translations in the State of Hesse)

As a sworn translator I can provide certified translations of documents required for government agencies or other official purposes (such as establishment of a foreign subsidiary, emigration, overseas job or study applications, foreign court proceedings, marriage etc.). These translations are certified as being correct and complete and a true translation of the original texts or documents by being signed and sealed by a sworn translator. In the case of certified translations, I kindly ask you to submit original documents or certified true copies thereof as the German court mandates that the type of source documents used for the translations be specified in the certified translations.


My translation prices (e.g. for MS WORD texts) are normally calculated based on the number of standard lines (à 55 keystrokes per line including blank spaces) of the target text. The price per line depends upon the type and difficulty level of the source text. I can provide you a realistic and meaningful translation price quotation after reviewing your source text or representative excerpts thereof (in electronic form, if possible). Additional language-related services are invoiced based upon an hourly rate and the actual time worked.


My fee is based on the number of lines in the final translation that may differ from the line count in the original source text. Therefore, I would be happy to provide you with a free of charge, no obligation quotation. Just send me the text you would like to have translated. In the case of lengthier documents or manuals that are only available in paper form, I kindly ask you to send me several representative pages of theses documents. It goes without saying that your inquiry and texts will be treated confidentially.


The first step in making an accurate, effective translation is a precise assessment of customer needs.

Thorough familiarization with the specialty field and/or company-internal terminology is an equally important prerequisite for a successful translation.

Translation is more than just conveying the literal meaning of a text from one language into another language. On the contrary, translation involves reformulating the source text in the target language in such a way that the content, style and accuracy of the original text are precisely transmitted. A good translation must also consider culturally-specific attributes so that the message of the original text is effectively communicated.

To make this possible, I work with a network of qualified native speaker translators with many years of translating experience, especially in the case of translations into English and French. Thanks to our dual control, we ensure that the content and message of your text are “on target.”

“The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.”

Mark Twain

Text Types
  • Brochures
  • Certificates and official documents
  • Contracts
  • General correspondence
  • Info materials
  • Job applications
  • Letters of reference
  • Offers
  • Presentations
  • Press releases
  • Reports and assessments of authorized experts
  • Requests for quotations
  • Technical documentation
  • etc.
Additional Services

I would be happy to provide you with the following additional services as required:

  • Preparation of glossaries
  • Layout and formatting of target texts
  • Translation deliveries per hardcopy, CD, USB stick, fax or e-mail
  • Text correction and editing
  • Internet research on German, English and French websites
  • Support in dealing with formalities of public authorities in connection with translated documents and certificates